CeramicWorld 05

CeramicWorld 05

The 5th edition of the CeramicWorld is finally here! Here’s a quick recap of what has been happening in the Ceramic Ecosystem in the past few weeks:

  • Orbis has launched a new plugin for Gitcoin Passport 🔑
  • Index Network announces a Farcaster integration 💬
  • Index Network and Ceramic are calling developers to build for the Base Onchain Summer! 🏖️
  • Proof of Data is coming to EthCC ✈️
  • Ceramic’s new Recon Protocol is almost here! 🔥

Supercharge your crypto database with OrbisDB plugin for Gitcoin Passport! 🔥

OrbisDB team has just announced their new plugin for Gitcoin Passport.

OrbisDB is a decentralized database built on Ceramic, for onchain builders providing a practical, scalable solution for storing and managing open data. Gitcoin Passport lets users collect verifiable credentials to prove their identity and trustworthiness without revealing personal information, providing apps with a safeguard against sybil attacks and bad actors.

The new plugin allows developers to simply integrate the no-code Gitcoin Passport plugin with the OrbisDB instance to automatically generate reputation scores and filter out malicious actors from being indexed.

Check out this video to learn more and see the new plugin in action:


Index Network adds Farcaster integration

Index Network has recently added a Farcaster integration to their decentralized semantic index.

Index is a composable discovery protocol built on Ceramic, allowing the creation of truly personalized and autonomous discovery experiences across the web.

This integration allows for seamless interaction with decentralized graphs, including user-owned knowledge graphs on Ceramic and social discourse on Farcaster. Paired with autonomous agents, which can be used to subscribe to specific contexts, this new integration pushes the limits of what’s possible with semantic search. Check out the demo below:


Build on Index Network for the Base Onchain Summer

Index Network has teamed up with the Ceramic team to call developers to build on Index Network for this year’s Base Onchain Summer! Base Onchain Summer is a multi-week celebration of onchain art, gaming, music, and more, powered by Base.

Devs are invited to build composable search use cases between Base and other projects participating in Base Onchain Summer. For example, those use cases can include:

  • Composability with commerce (Shopify)
  • Composability with social graphs (Farcaster)
  • Composability with on-chain projects (Zora, Nouns)

TIP: Consider developing agents to facilitate user interactions with Index, such as notification agents, context subscription agents, or multi-agent scenarios that enable conversational participation.

And of course, there are prizes! A total prize pool of 2250 USDC will be distributed across the top 3 best applications!

Check out the bounty details on Bountycaster and reach out to Ceramic and Index teams on Farcaster if you have any additional questions.

Proof of Data is coming to EthCC!

The third edition of the Proof of Data event series is coming to Brussels! Join the Ceramic and Textile (creators of Tableland and Basin) teams for an inspiring afternoon, expanding on the essential discussions from EthCC. This event will unite pioneers and practitioners in the decentralized data realm. Engage in dynamic panel discussions and networking opportunities, ideal for developers and innovators eager to push the boundaries of decentralized technology.

Featured presenters from IoTeX, DIMO, WeatherXM, and Filecoin will share the latest advancements and projects, sparking engaging conversations with all attendees. A moderator will guide these discussions, ensuring critical themes in crypto, web3, and beyond are covered.

Don’t miss this chance to connect, collaborate, and contribute to the future of decentralized technology. Be part of the conversation driving the next wave of technological innovation!

RSVP today and join our Data Room Telegram channel.

Index Network & CrewAI Integration

Index now supports an integration with CrewAI, which brings an intuitive way to design multi-agent systems, with Index offering composable vector database functionality. Now, autonomous agents can synthesize data from multiple sources seamlessly.

Learn more!
Ceramic’s new Recon Protocol is almost here!

The core Ceramic team is getting ready for the public release of Ceramic’s new Recon Protocol. This new Ceramic networking protocol improves network scalability and data syncing efficiency. It unlocks data sharing between nodes and enables users to run multiple nodes that stay in sync and load balanced. This will enable highly available Ceramic deployments.

Ceramic’s Recon Protocol is in the last testing stages, with some key partners already building on it. It will be launched as part of the nearest upcoming Ceramic release, which will unlock the document migration process from js-ceramic + Kubo to js-ceramic + rust-ceramic.

The next Ceramic public release is scheduled in a few weeks' time. Keep an eye on the Ceramic public roadmap and Ceramic blog for updates regarding the release!

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