Calling all devs: Build composable search applications for the Base Onchain Summer

Calling all devs: Build composable search applications for the Base Onchain Summer

Ceramic is partnering with Index Network to challenge developers to build composable search use-cases between Base and other projects participating in Base’s Onchain Summer. For example, those use-cases can include:

  • Composability with commerce (Shopify)
  • Composability with social graphs (Farcaster)
  • Composability with on-chain (Zora, Nouns)

The bounty is officially hosted on bountycaster.

About the Index Network

Index is a discovery protocol, built on Ceramic, that eliminates the need for intermediaries when finding knowledge, products, and like-minded people through direct, composable discovery across the web. By leveraging Web3 and AI, Index offers an open layer for discovery as the first decentralized semantic index. It functions as a composable vector database with a user-centric perspective, enabling interaction with decentralized graphs like Ceramic Network for user-owned knowledge graphs and Farcaster for social discourse.

About the bounty

For this bounty, developers have access to the Base search engine created on Index Network. They can utilize this index and integrate it with other projects and tools participating in Base’s on-chain summer to innovate and enhance information discovery experiences. Additionally, using Farcaster Channel indexes as a data source can help create personalized applications.

TIP: Consider developing agents to facilitate user interactions with Index, such as notification agents, context subscription agents, or multi-agent scenarios that enable conversational participation.


A total prize pool of 2250 USDC will be distributed across top 3 best applications:

  • First place: 1000 USDC
  • Second place: 750 USDC
  • Third place: 500 USDC

Below you can find all of the tools and links available for you to build for this bounty.



Documentation, tutorials and support: