Digital Identity: IdentityHackathon Projects

Ceramic partnered with NEWFORUM for a hackathon dedicated to revolutionizing how we handle digital identity

Digital Identity: IdentityHackathon Projects

At the intersection of blockchain and digital identity, teams and enthusiasts are challenging the status quo of online reputation and authentication. We recently wrapped up the IdentityHackathon, which showcased the potential of Web3 technologies to revolutionize digital identity.

Collaborative Spirit in the Web3 Space

The Ceramic team was excited to collaborate with the NEWFORUM team for the hackathon, in addition to an impressive lineup of ecosystem partners, such as Newcoin, Jokerace, 1kx, Lit Protocol,,, Sismo, Gitcoin, Intuition, Orbis, Cyberconnect, and Ethereum Attestation Service.

The challenge? To get hackers to utilize the tools and technologies offered by these aforementioned partners to create novel applications that transform our understanding and verification of online identity and reputation.

Spotlight on Ceramic-Integrated Solutions

We received exceptional submissions! A special mention to the following projects that incorporated Ceramic into their frameworks:

  1. Plurality. Coming in at 2nd place, Plurality pioneers a Web3 onboarding protocol. Leveraging tools like Orbis and Lit Protocol, it paves the way for social media users and content creators to transition seamlessly to Web3 social platforms, anchoring their pre-existing social reputation and interests.
  2. Respect Protocol. Securing 3rd place, Respect Protocol empowers users to sculpt their digital identity and weave a reputation graph reminiscent of SSL certificates. This innovation fosters easier navigation and interaction within the digital ecosystem.
  3. BrainShare. BrainShare, coming in at 5th place, is a decentralized protocol championed by VeramoLabs. It merges the power of Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and W3C Verifiable Credentials to champion data portability and harness composable reputation.
  4. Shinjitsu. Dedicated to standardizing rank and expertise within the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community, Shinjitsu utilizes blockchain to combat rank misrepresentation and foster fairness.
  5. Orbis Chat. This application allows users to craft an AI Avatar embedded with personalized training data and their voice model. Delve deeper into users' profiles, conversing with their AI Avatar, to uncover more about their aptitudes and inclinations.
  6. LinkedTrust. This platform, built with Ceramic, takes Web3 technology to the next level. It integrates signed attestations within a dynamic social graph. More than just stating claims, LinkedTrust is about real-time validation, ensuring every impact declared is both genuine and demonstrable.
  7. Ampy. Using Ceramic, Ampy sets out to craft the first-ever music social graph. It bestows every music aficionado with a digital music passport, enabling them to chronicle and validate their musical journey and fandom.
  8. Milky Pink Space. Built using the synergy of, Ceramic, and, Milky Pink Space stands out as a novel crypto journal. It touches upon arts, philosophy, and the multifaceted topics that underpin and influence Web3. By spotlighting identity and relationships on chain through in-depth interviews, the project fosters a richer understanding of the decentralized digital realm.

Forward and Beyond

A heartfelt thank you to all the participants of the IdentityHackathon. Your projects not only showcased the immense potential of Web3 technologies but also laid the groundwork for a more secure and decentralized digital future. We can't wait to see the updates on your projects in the near future!