RepConnect Summit Istanbul Recap

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RepConnect Summit Istanbul Recap

RepConnect, a half-day summit hosted by Ceramic, brought together developers and thought leaders from Gitcoin, Disco, Karma3, Lit, Veramo Labs, Intuition, and more to discuss the current approaches to building and collaborating on composable reputation systems. The goal of the event was to provide a space for builders and visionaries to confront the technical hurdles of composable reputation and collaborate on its future.

We had a blast sharing ideas, hearing different perspectives and are excited to continue collaborating on approaches to reputation systems. Below you’ll find a short recap and video footage of the event if you missed it.

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'How to Identify Trusted Humans' by Gitcoin

Building trust in a community is essential for co-creating useful tools for humanity, and Gitcoin Passport is working on transparent ways to identify trusted humans at scale, seeking feedback on community trustworthiness and considering staking tokens on reputation to encourage trust.

'Practices & Learnings: Building Decentralized Reputation in Communities' Panel

Panelists from MetaMask Snaps, Base, Optimism Foundation, and Karma3 Labs discuss their focus on building trust and reputation in decentralized networks, leveraging data signals and innovative mechanisms to address challenges and shape human behavior, with the goal of fostering mass adoption and managing trust in the crypto ecosystem.

'Insights & Action Items for Building Real Apps With Decentralized Reputation' Panel

Decentralized reputation systems in Web3 have the potential to solve issues in centralized systems and incentivize user behavior, but they also face challenges of privacy, risk management, and fragmentation.

Panelists from Disco, Veramo Labs, Consensys and Intuition shared their perspectives on building apps with composable reputation.

‘Decentralized Digital Signing & Encryption’ With Lit Protocol

Learn how Lit is applying the attributes of Ethereum to key management systems—revolutionizing credentialing, reputation and onboarding by consuming compute services from programmable networks.

‘Building AI-Powered On-Chain Reputation for L2 Chains’ With Trusta Labs

Trusta Labs is building an AI-based reputation and trust system for Web3, emphasizing the importance of trust and reputation as well as introducing a reputation layer based on behavior and media score for rewards and airdrops.

'Building the Decentralized Reputation System for Open Communities' With Karma3

A decentralized reputation system is essential for Web3 and crypto communities, using curated signals and algorithms to identify trustworthy users and create transparent interactions.

'How to Leverage Jokerace for On-Chain Reputation'

Voting and contests on Jokerace can be used in various contexts—such as governance, marketing campaigns, and customer segmentation—to engage communities, measure value, and create social graphs for long-term use.

‘Reclaiming the Contextual Internet With Composable Identities’ With Index Network

Current centralized algorithms limit our ability to express and interpret meaning, and there is a need to reclaim the fragmented context of the internet to create a composable environment for future identities, enabling decentralized information discovery and collaboration.

'How to Navigate Decentralized Identity and Verifiable Data in Web3' With Veramo Labs

Veramo Labs has developed a modular framework, called Vero, which allows for flexible credential creation and issuance, remote functionality and configuration switching, and integration with various platforms and plugins—ultimately enabling the navigation of decentralized identity and verifiable data.

DAOstar at RepConnect

DAOs are still in their early stages and DAOstar wants your help to build standards and specifications for easier discovery and compatibility.

'Proof of Creativity: Network-Based Accumulation of Online Reputation' With Newcoin

The future of Web3 involves a shift toward a network-based approach for accumulating online reputation, with a focus on human-centric machine learning, opt-in data sharing, and the use of blockchain to provide context to publicly available data—all in the service of solving the contextual nature of reputation.

We had over 900 folks RSVP to RepConnect in Istanbul! Shout out to the attendees who are learning, participating and driving this conversation forward:

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