3Box Labs is sunsetting 3Box products in favor of the new and more powerful combination of Ceramic Network and IDX. This post provides a short tutorial on how to update your application to load user profiles using the IDX SDK instead of the 3Box profiles API. Making this upgrade ensures your application will always be loading the most current profiles for your users.

Why use IDX instead of 3Box?

Migrating your application from using 3Box to IDX for fetching user profiles will ensure you are always querying up-to-date profiles for your users, whether a given user has migrated from 3Box to IDX or not.

As Ceramic mainnet goes live, existing 3Box users will have their profiles migrated over to IDX. Updating a user's IDX requires the user to be authenticated and sign the updates, so this will not happen all at once. Instead, the first time a user interacts with a Ceramic-enabled app that uses 3ID Connect for authentication they will be prompted to migrate their account from 3Box to IDX and the data will be transferred in the background for them.

To make sure you are accurately pulling profiles for all users, we recommend upgrading to IDX ASAP. The 3Box API will keep working for the immediate future. However, if you do not upgrade you will only load outdated profiles from the 3Box API for users who have migrated. The IDX API solves this by returning an IDX profile for migrated users and falling back to 3Box profiles for users who have not yet migrated.

How to query profiles with IDX

This tutorial will show you how to fetch profiles in order to display them in your application's UI. The code below allows your app to display an IDX profile if one exists, and if not, will fall back to displaying a legacy 3Box profile.

First, we need to install the Ceramic JS HTTP Client as well as the IDX SDK:

npm install @ceramicnetwork/http-client @ceramicstudio/idx

Now let's import our dependencies:

import Ceramic from '@ceramicnetwork/http-client'
import { IDX, getLegacy3BoxProfileAsBasicProfile } from '@ceramicstudio/idx'

Now let's load a profile for a user. Notice below that we first try to load the profile using the idx.get function. This attempts to retrieve the user's basicProfile from IDX, however if one is not present because the user has not yet migrated to Ceramic/IDX, then we can fallback to use the getLegacy3BoxProfileAsBasicProfile function to get the user's profile from the 3Box API.

const ceramic = new Ceramic('https://gateway.ceramic.network')
const idx = new IDX({ ceramic })

const ethAddress = '0xabc123...'
let profile = await idx.get('basicProfile', ethAddress + '@eip155:1')

if (!profile) {
  profile = await getLegacy3BoxProfileAsBasicProfile(ethAddress)

You may have noticed that the Ethereum address is concatenated with @eip155:1. This is because the idx.get methods can be used to lookup data for accounts on any blockchain. eip155:1 is simply the blockchain namespace for ethereum mainnet. See the CAIP-10 spec for more details.

Questions or support?

We're always available to answer any questions and assist you through this transition period. Reach out in the Ceramic Discord for help.

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