Introducing Ceramic Grants: Origin Cohort

The Ceramic Origin Cohort sums up to a total of $250,000 awarded across 19 grants.

Introducing Ceramic Grants: Origin Cohort

Today we’re excited to announce our first wave of the Ceramic Grants cohort!

The Ceramic Origin Cohort sums up to a total of $250,000 awarded across 19 grants. The grant categories include:

  1. Education
  2. Tooling
  3. Social
  4. Gaming
  5. Identity/Reputation
  6. Usability

Meet our grantees:


Web3 gaming & community platform

Tingbits is building a social platform for the Web3 gaming community where gamers, builders, and investors can connect, share info, discuss, and review Web3 games. The team will leverage Ceramic and ComposeDB to build out Web3 account login and profile management, as well as community tools for gamers to review, discuss and post Web3 gaming info.

Impact: Create a safer place for gamers, builders, and investors to come together and discuss, share ideas, verify information, and review Web3 games.


Social wallet

DoxDom is creating a wallet-to-wallet chat built on Ceramic.

Impact: Users can connect their wallets to their other social media accounts, as well as create and join group chats based on the tokens they own.


Portable self-sovereign work identity protocol

VESS is a product built on top of Ceramic to build and visualize an individual's work identity.

Impact: Users can own credentials about their background, learning history, organization, job title, work performance, event attendance credentials, and reputation. The collection of these credentials represents a user's overall work identity.


Data & identity layer for NounsDAO

NounsID is a decentralized repository that collects information about the Nouns ecosystem and makes it available to developers.

Impact: The data on NounsID will help developers create applications more effectively.


Web3-native digital product identity

Omnio is building an open standard for pairing real-world products with a Web3-native digital identity.

Impact: Currently, product data is siloed across fragmented e-commerce platforms. To enable the interoperability of future retail applications, the Omnio team will use ComposeDB on Ceramic to develop an open standard for pairing real-world products with a Web3-native digital identity that is: authentic (so that product data is cryptographically verifiable); composable (so that brands, consumers, and retailers can contribute to a product’s overall reputation); and permissionless (so that third parties have access to a globally-readable source of trusted product information).

Web-3 Analytics

Analytics platform

Web3 Analytics is a decentralized and composable analytics platform for Web3.

Impact: Provide necessary tooling to capture Web3 analytics. You can think of it like Dune Analytics for off-chain data, or a Web3 version of Google Analytics.


Zero-knowledge access app

zkAccess is building a zero-knowledge access app using ComposeDB and zkp-ecdsa (by Cloudflare) to create invite lists for participants where tickets can be issued for a set of people without disclosing who the issuer was.

Impact: These keypairs can be “merged” into a single composite representing an event, which then can be verified for gatekeepers to check. Owners of the “merged” keypairs can create ZkAttest proofs offline and share it to invitees or for personal use to have access to the event, without disclosing who they are or who invited them.


Open-source writing platform

Sigle is a secured and open-source writing platform for Web3 content creators.

Impact: Give Web3 content creators a powerful editor, a great UI, and the tools they need to build their community, grow their brand, and make their Web3 stories come to life.

Fine art technology platform is a digital art and immersive experience collective powered by the smart contract platform for generative and dynamic art.

Impact: Provide a fine art technology platform that uses decentralized technologies to lift up artists, galleries, and institutions through a collection of blockchain solutions.


Web3 social layer

WalletChat is wallet-to-wallet chat application.

Impact: WalletChat says ditch Discord and Telegram and connect with others directly, using your wallet. Devs can integrate WalletChat inside their dApp via widget or API for a Web3-native social experience.


A template app

WordSuip will build a sample publishing application, similar to Mirror, utilizing the SUI ecosystem tech stack and Ceramic.

Impact: This app will be used as a framework to teach the steps involved in adding these technologies as tools in an app by providing blog posts explaining the methods of integrating Ceramic and Sui.


A learning platform

LearnWeb3 is building the largest Web3 developer community. The goal of this grant is to create and provide educational materials around Ceramic Network to a broad community of developers around the world.

Impact: Make learning permissionless and collaborative.

Ceramic Garden State

Self-service community onboarding

A self-service, choose-your-own-adventure onboarding curriculum to get potential contributors ready to build on Ceramic.

Impact: The Ceramic Garden Gate will provide a low-friction, self-service onboarding journey that leaves contributors prepared and excited to apply Ceramic in new ways.


Data network to help individuals monetize their data

Oamo is creating a platform that helps individuals own and monetize their data by providing access to it to companies in exchange for rewards. Once they acquire user data, companies obtain user behavior insights and can send targeted promotions and surveys to users.

Impact: Allow every individual to be the sole owner of their data and capture the value it creates.


A modular toolkit for building Impact Evaluators

IEKit will provide and demonstrate a way for Ceramic projects, and Web3 projects more broadly, to do community contribution tracking using datastreams. By developing the off-chain components of the IE with Autonolas, this toolkit lays the groundwork for the creation of an open, modular and self-improving framework for customizing how impact is evaluated in any decentralized organization.

Impact: This solution will provide an advanced and extensible toolkit for pushing Impact Evaluators forward at decentralized organizations.


Identity aggregator & decentralized profiles for DAOs

MyMeta is an identity solution built on top of Ceramic for decentralized profiles.

Impact: Make it easier for DAOs to know their members and for members to discover each other.


Credentials from arbitrary web data

CentiID enables a user to build their digital identity from arbitrary web data. It allows users to bootstrap verifiable credentials from data only they have access to, and leverages Ceramic as a storage solution.

Impact: The collection of credentials maintained by a user can represent their digital identity and associate a reputation.


Operations portal for Web3

Inverter is an ‘Operations Portal’ for organizations to manage their grants programs, funding operations, and treasuries. It is a one-stop-shop for contributors to apply for funds, manage funds and maintain feedback loops with funders and community stakeholders.

Impact: Improve access to funding and inspire distributed ownership for builders and funders of the next generation of the internet, regardless of their backgrounds.


Decentralized Safe Registry

Daoism Systems is building an app that allows the signing and execution of Safe transactions using Ceramic and ComposeDB.

Impact: To make Safe protocol more decentralized. This Registry will act as an alternative to Safe API 1, which is centralized.

Applications are now closed for grants, but please get in touch with us on the forum if you have questions about future grants rounds.