How to build IDX apps with SkyDB storage backend

Learn how to build applications with IDX for user identity and SkyDB for data storage.

How to build IDX apps with SkyDB storage backend

IDX is a cross-ecosystem decentralized identity protocol that enables users to own their personal information and content as part of a global, open data network. The IDX framework allows developers to build safe, secure applications using user-owned identity and interoperable data.

The IDX identity protocol is compatible with a variety of data storage backend technologies including Ceramic, SkyDB, Textile, OrbitDB, Filecoin, among others - so you can store your application's data in whichever storage stack is best suited to your needs. By using IDX identity with your backend, not only can you can give users control of their information, but you can also import any other data that was created on any other application or domain that also uses IDX - even if they stored their content in an entirely different backend technology!

This workshop and associated Github library show you how to easily build browser applications that utilize IDX for identity and SkyDB for data storage.

Video Tutorial

Web Playground

web-playground is the library used in this workshop. It includes a simple demo application and code that integrates IDX and SkyDB.

This repo contains a small playground app that you can access from github pages - ceramicstudio/web-playground

Support and Questions

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