Help build Web3 at the Gitcoin Grants 8 Hackathon

Ceramic Network bounties to help support Ethereum's recent growth

Help build Web3 at the Gitcoin Grants 8 Hackathon

The Web3 ecosystem has never been more exciting, with the Phase 0 launch of Eth2, the explosion of DeFi legos, and the maturation of collaborative tools like social money, governance products, and creator platforms. All this growth requires better infrastructure and open source tooling, and there's no better time or place to support that than Gitcoin Grants Round 8!

To celebrate this, we're excited to be sponsors of the Grants Round 8 Hackathon, where the community can support the Web3 ecosystem not just with money but with code, projects and demos that bring this technology to life.

The hackathon kicks off December 2 on Gitcoin, and lasts until December 17. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Register for the hackathon
  2. Check out the Ceramic and IDX bounties
  3. Hop into the IDX Discord for help or to share what you’re working on. We’re more than happy to help discuss your plans

Ceramic Network Bounties

We've partnered with other projects in the ecosystem to offer six bounties totaling more than 5000 DAI!

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1. Open Prize: Best App or Service that uses IDX

This is an open prize for using IDX to manage decentralized identity information or data. This can include integrating IDX into an existing project, building a new product that uses IDX, building tooling that supports or complements IDX, or any other creative implementation that makes use of IDX as decentralized identity infrastructure.

2. Integrate 3Box Profiles into Snapshot's Governance App

Integrate the 3Box Profiles API to add social profiles to the Snapshot app, adding familiarity and social reputation to this critical governance tool.

3. Add a Discord Verification to Gitcoin using IDX

This bounty is to integrate IDX into Gitcoin to add a discord verification to the others already offered, and lay the foundation for a more decentralized identity and trust system in future Grant rounds!

4. Migrate Eth.Build's Backup Feature to use IDX rather than 3Box

Eth.Build currently uses 3Box to backup user sessions. This bounty is to work with Austin Griffith to replace the existing backup implementation with one that uses IDX for identity and authentication alongside a storage solution like Ceramic, OrbitDB, Textile ThreadsDB or SkyDB.

5. Add Support for new Blockchains to IDX

IDX supports a cross-ecosystem, cross-chain identity model by letting users link any number of blockchain accounts and key pairs to their DID. To support a new blockchain, check out this blog post to learn how.

Currently, Ethereum and Filecoin keys are supported. This bounty is to add support for additional blockchains. This makes the promise of a portable cross-chain identity more complete, and increases the number of apps and services that can use truly interoperable identity and data.

6. Use IDX and Textile ThreadsDB Together

Build a project that makes use of IDX as an identity protocol alongside Textile's ThreadsDB. To achieve this, during onboarding you can use the IDX SDK to import or create identities, create a Textile ThreadsDB definition for your application's data, add this to users' identity index, and query their index for their data stored by your app or others.

IDX: An open identity system for dweb apps

IDX is a new cross-ecosystem decentralized identity and user data management protocol that provides for a single, unified digital identity system that works with all Web3 platforms, blockchains, and storage technologies. IDX is built on Ceramic, a peer-to-peer dataweb for publishing, linking, and querying verifiable information on the open web.

By design, IDX is completely agnostic as to which wallet users authenticate with and which backend configuration you choose to build with — including any blockchain and data storage system — so it easily integrates into the rest of your stack and allows you to build truly cross-platform interoperable applications. You can save data wherever you choose, and import data from other applications!

The IDX identity framework allows you to tap into a universal decentralized identity layer that makes user and data management for your dweb app much more open and powerful. IDX provides a universal cross-platform identity (DID) for users that can be used everywhere across the Web3 ecosystem, a way to store/access public metadata such as profiles and social graphs, a way to associate your app’s data storage systems (e.g., Textile, SkyDB) to the user’s identity, a way to discover and import available third-party data sources for the user (even ones outside of the SkyDB ecosystem such as Filecoin files, TextileDBs, OrbitDBs, and much more!), and a way to publish schemas for your data so that others might easily make use of your application data within another application or context.

This decentralized, unified, and cross-platform identity infrastructure helps Web3 projects build faster and more simply. It is also the key to realizing the vision of giving users ultimate control and portability of their information across applications and networks by breaking down information silos and putting users at the center of the web. With IDX, every user gets a cross-platform decentralized identifier (DID) and an identity index document to which developers can attach various pieces of data relevant to their experience. Since IDX identities are public and permissionless, any developer can openly discover, query, and import data from an identity into their application, creating a rich ecosystem of information around each user.

Good luck to all the hackers! Don’t forget to:

  1. Register for the hackathon
  2. Check out the Ceramic and IDX bounties
  3. Hop into the IDX Discord for help or to share what you’re working on. We’re more than happy to help discuss your plans