ComposeDB Beta Update: Model Versioning Release

This release includes breaking changes to model indexing and configuration table structure

ComposeDB Beta Update: Model Versioning Release

This will be the last release before ComposeDB Beta goes live on Mainnet early next week. The Model Versioning feature provides backwards compatibility, even as future updates are made to the models protocol. The rollout involves a wipe of all models and ComposeDB data currently on Clay testnet, with breaking changes to model indexing and configuration table structure.

This release will allow devs to experiment with the HistorySync feature.

Model Versioning & Table Config

The new table config structure includes a version field. Follow these steps below to update:

  1. Stop the node & update packages
  2. If using SQLite delete the existing database found at:

3.   If using Postgres connect to the DB and drop the following tables: ceramic_models, ceramic_config, and any tables starting with kjz(the index table).

Example Postgres Structure:

 Schema |                              Name               |   Type   |  Owner
 public | ceramic_config                                  | table    | ceramic
 public | ceramic_models                                  | table    | ceramic
 public | kjzl6hvfrbw6c8c48hg1u62lhnc95g4ntsl...vsbjtw374 | table    | ceramic

4.  Start up the node: you'll see ceramic_models and ceramic_config tables be created as part of the startup message.

5.   Recreate your models using the latest ComposeDB tooling

History Sync

History Sync enables developers to index models and sync all history for the model, enabling full backwards and forwards composability. History Sync will be run by default after the Beta release next week, but if you want a sneak preview, you can try out History Sync by adding CERAMIC_ENABLE_EXPERIMENTAL_SYNC='true’ when starting your daemon.

ComposeDB Beta on Mainnet

Thank you for your incredible patience and excitement leading up to our Mainnet launch of ComposeDB Beta on February 28th. We are less than a week away! Stay tuned for more details.