Community Call 7

Demos of using new standards for encrypted data on IPFS, connecting multiple accounts to one DID, using IDX with Sia SkyDB in apps, a playground for using Ceramic, and more advanced document queries.

Community Call 7

Covered in this call

  • Standards and a tutorial for storing signed and encrypted data on IPFS using DAG-JOSE and the js-did library
  • A demo of 3ID Connect allowing a user to link multiple blockchain accounts to a single DID
  • A demo of using Ethereum wallets + 3ID + IDX as user management for an app using SkyDB for data storage
  • Clayground: A playground for easily spinning up Ceramic infrastructure
  • MultiQueries: A spec for querying multiple linked Ceramic documents

Future calls

As always, these meetings are completely open and we invite everyone in the community to join. If you'd like to attend a future meeting, add the Ceramic Calendar to your Google calendar. If you'd like to present your work at an upcoming meeting, reach out on Discord.