CharmVerse X Ceramic: Empowering User Data Ownership in the Blockchain Era

Discover how CharmVerse integrated Ceramic to implement a credentialing and rewards system that supports user-sovereign data.

CharmVerse X Ceramic: Empowering User Data Ownership in the Blockchain Era

CharmVerse, a pioneering web3 community engagement and onboarding platform, recently integrated ComposeDB on Ceramic to store user attestations for grants and rewards. CharmVerse’s decision to build on Ceramic was driven by the need to store credentials in a user-owned, decentralized manner, without relying on traditional databases.

A who’s who of well-known web3 projects leverage CharmVerse to help manage their community and grants programs. Optimism, Game7, Mantle, Safe, Green Pill, Purple DAO, Orange DAO, Taiko (and the list goes on) have all experienced the need for a unique, web3-centric platform to interact with and empower their ecosystems.

What Objectives Does the Integration Address?

The work of vetting developer teams and distributing grants demands a significant investment of time and focus to ensure responsible treasury deployment. This need-driven use case is a wonderful fit for Ceramic’s capabilities.

CharmVerse identified an opportunity to enhance grants/community managers’ capabilities by implementing a credentialing and rewards system that supports user-sovereign data. This system allows grants managers to better understand their applicants, scale the number of teams they can work with, and issue attestations representing skills and participation in grants and other community programs, creating a verifiable record of participation. However, this solution came with technical challenges in maintaining user data privacy and ownership while ensuring decentralization as this data represents significant insight into the historical activity and capabilities of individuals and teams.

Why did CharmVerse Choose Ceramic?

CharmVerse considered various options but ultimately chose Ceramic due to its unique capability to support decentralized credentials and store attestations in a way that aligned with CharmVerse's vision. Alex Poon, CEO & co-founder of CharmVerse, shared:

“Ceramic's unique approach to data decentralization has been a game changer for us, allowing us to truly empower our users while respecting their privacy, allowing users the choice to keep their data private or publish it on-chain. This integration aligns perfectly with CharmVerse's success metrics, centering on community empowerment and data sovereignty.”

How did CharmVerse Integrate Ceramic?

CharmVerse's integration utilizes Ceramic's ability to store user attestations and leverages Ceramic’s work with the Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS) as the underlying model for supporting decentralized credentials. The integration was not only a technical milestone for CharmVerse but also achieved the strategic goal of appealing to an audience concerned with data privacy and ownership.

More specifically, CharmVerse issues off-chain signed attestations in recognition of important grant program milestones (designed to award these credentials both when users create proposals, and when their grants are accepted). Given Ceramic’s open-access design, we expect to see other teams utilize these credentials issued by CharmVerse as a strong indication of applicant reputation, track record, and ability to deliver.

How to See CharmVerse in Action

This collaboration illustrates the power of innovative solutions in advancing blockchain usability, value, and adoption while maintaining the values of the early cypherpunk vision of decentralization. If you would like to check out this integration and use the tool to manage your own community programs, visit and follow the CharmVerse X account for more updates!