Announcing ELP

Today we're excited to announce that we are officially opening applications for the Ceramic Mainnet Early Launch Program (ELP). This program allows a limited number of projects to get early access to the Ceramic mainnet before it is opened to the general public later this year.

Apply to the Early Launch Program if you want to deploy your Ceramic and/or IDX project to production in the coming months.


Who is the program for?

ELP is for projects that want to use Ceramic and/or IDX in production ASAP. We created this program so you could get started immediately.

When does the program start?

Starting today we will begin accepting applications on a rolling basis. For those accepted into the program, mainnet access will begin in approximately 4-6 weeks. We will communicate the official mainnet start date via email. Before mainnet is ready, you can start prototyping your application on the Clay Testnet.

How do I apply?

Apply using this form. Our team will promptly evaluate submissions and reach out via email when we are ready to onboard your project. Please provide as much detail as possible to help us evaluate your submission.

How will you evaluate applications?

We have a set of evaluation criteria but generally we will prioritize projects with the most active users, those who have been most active in our community, those who plan to go live with Ceramic/IDX as soon as possible, those with the most interesting use cases, those that deliver the most aggregate value to the Ceramic ecosystem, and those who can commit to providing us detailed feedback.

What happens if I'm on the waitlist?

While you're waiting, you can begin prototyping and building your application on the Clay Testnet and contributing in the Ceramic Discord. We will accept projects from the waitlist on a rolling basis.

What are the program details?

Projects that have been accepted into the ELP get early access to Ceramic mainnet nodes running on 3Box Labs infrastructure. For the duration of the program, these will be the only nodes connected to mainnet.

Is this a "centralized mainnet"?

We like to think of ELP as a mainnet with training wheels. All the primary features of mainnet are there such as a Ceramic mainnet pubsub topic and anchoring document updates on the Ethereum mainnet, but by limiting variables such as the number of nodes on the network and the number of overall participants we can make sure everything works well in a controlled production environment before opening the network to the chaos of the general public.

How long does the program last?

We have not yet set an end date. We will conclude the program and launch the public Ceramic mainnet when we feel the network has been battle tested enough by applications in production during ELP.

What happens at the conclusion of the program?

After ELP has concluded, Ceramic mainnet will be released to the general public and anyone can run a node and deploy their project in production.

When is public mainnet launching?

At the conclusion of ELP.

Where can I learn more?

Join the Ceramic Discord.

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